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This issue of Branching Out focuses on food. Would you eat one of these?cricket

Maybe you would eat one of these.snail-628x363

Some people would be disgusted by these creatures (a cricket or a snail). Other folks think “Yumm!” This issue introduces the reader to different aspects of the food that is eaten around the world. It might make your stomach turn or make your mind think “interesting.” Dive in and consume some great reading about food.



The Most Interesting Pets


Welcome Summer Readers,

Since this issue is mostly about the pets that we own, I wanted to share my pets and their reading skills.buster close readBuster just loves getting into a new book.  dutch close readHis younger brother Dutch searches the text to learn more about the author’s craft.sadie readingBut their older sister Sadie is the best reader of all.  Yes, these images make me chuckle.  They can’t read, but they love sitting on my lap while I read.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Branching Out.  There are many articles on different pets.  I do want you to think about something: because an animal is cute, does that make it a pet?  Where would the animal be most happy?  We have domesticated cats and dogs to be our pets.  So my puppies wouldn’t survive well in the wild.  But should I capture something in the woods, a snake, a skunk, a squirrel, and make it a pet?  We all make these types of decisions for ourselves.  But I really want you to think about it.






Enjoy the newsletter.

Branching Out Number 3–Adventures Around the World


The third edition is here! http:  //www.springbranchisd.com/branchingout/06_25_2014.pdf

This edition includes many stories written by students in Spring Branch ISD.  You will enjoy their experiences living around the world. There is also some wonderful poetry written by our students.  I hope you try to write some as well.  Please send me your poems. There is a new column in this issue:  “Uncle Buck Talks about Life.”  This column will share the stories of Uncle Buck and the “dumb” things he has done in his life.  You could call these personal narratives.  Uncle Buck would love to hear from you.  You can comment on this blog or send an email to me: diane.fanning@springbranchisd.com.  I will forward them on. Enjoy the newsletter.  Let us hear from you–what do you like, what else should we include?                                                                                AE_MountRushmore_lead_t614

Branching Out June 9, 2014


I am very excited to share our first newsletter: 


Please read.  I would love feedback on the articles and suggestions for future articles.  If you would like to share your own writing, please do so.  The easiest way to connect with me is at the following email address: diane.fanning@springbranchisd.com.

I am also sharing the parent newsletter (English) 


or (Spanish) 


In future entries to this blog you will find additional reading opportunities.