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The Most Interesting Pets


Welcome Summer Readers,

Since this issue is mostly about the pets that we own, I wanted to share my pets and their reading skills.buster close readBuster just loves getting into a new book.  dutch close readHis younger brother Dutch searches the text to learn more about the author’s craft.sadie readingBut their older sister Sadie is the best reader of all.  Yes, these images make me chuckle.  They can’t read, but they love sitting on my lap while I read.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Branching Out.  There are many articles on different pets.  I do want you to think about something: because an animal is cute, does that make it a pet?  Where would the animal be most happy?  We have domesticated cats and dogs to be our pets.  So my puppies wouldn’t survive well in the wild.  But should I capture something in the woods, a snake, a skunk, a squirrel, and make it a pet?  We all make these types of decisions for ourselves.  But I really want you to think about it.






Enjoy the newsletter.