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The Most Interesting Pets


Welcome Summer Readers,

Since this issue is mostly about the pets that we own, I wanted to share my pets and their reading skills.buster close readBuster just loves getting into a new book.  dutch close readHis younger brother Dutch searches the text to learn more about the author’s craft.sadie readingBut their older sister Sadie is the best reader of all.  Yes, these images make me chuckle.  They can’t read, but they love sitting on my lap while I read.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Branching Out.  There are many articles on different pets.  I do want you to think about something: because an animal is cute, does that make it a pet?  Where would the animal be most happy?  We have domesticated cats and dogs to be our pets.  So my puppies wouldn’t survive well in the wild.  But should I capture something in the woods, a snake, a skunk, a squirrel, and make it a pet?  We all make these types of decisions for ourselves.  But I really want you to think about it.






Enjoy the newsletter.


This Is an Exciting “Reading” Time


As school is about to end in Spring Branch ISD, we have some interesting plans in place to help learning to continue throughout the summer.  Research has made it clear that reading will only improve through constant reading.  I struggled as a new reader and only began to grow as a reader after I finished my first book, Island of the Blue Dolphins.  Once I saw that I could do it, I continued to read and read and read.  We also know that our writing improves through extensive reading.  Both summer projects encourage extensive reading and writing.

At Treasure Forest Elementary we are offering a three-week writing camp, Camp Karl Kolbe, for 3 groups of students.  Participants will include the elementary children of teachers who are taking the three-week writing institute on building a writers’ workshop in the classroom.  The children’s writing will also occur through the writers’ workshop model.  Students from Treasure Forest Elementary will also join us in the writers’ workshop.  The third group consists of 9th and 10th grade students from 2 of our high schools.  They will be working with our students.  My goal is to help them see writing through the eyes of a teacher.  This should help them to clarify their own writing.  All three groups will publish their work either through this blog or in other online publishing formats.

Our second reading and writing opportunity is in the form of a weekly newsletter, Branching Out.  This publication includes student, teacher and professional writing.  It also has several activities for the students.  Students are free to send their comments and their own writing to the publication’s staff.  All will be considered for publication.  Feedback will also be offered to the student writers.  This newsletter will be published on this web site each week.  Additional writing that could not fit into the newsletter will also be included in the online document.